Ice Alive aims to bridge science and art to explore the coldest parts of our planet. Our objectives are simple – we want to support excellent scientists, artists and communicators to bring cold climate science to a global audience. We know there is a wealth of knowledge, energy and creativity out there in the community – we want to do our bit to mobilise that talent and positively impact the way the world understands the cryosphere (Earth’s frozen places).


How did it start?

Ice Alive began as a standalone project to create a documentary about microbial life on ice. After the release of the film, we felt that there were too many good people and good ideas associated with the project to let it fade away, so we evolved into an organisation dedicated to communicating the science of the cryosphere.

What do we do?

Art-Science Communication

To truly understand an environment, we must combine scientific observations with the intangible and immeasurable. To communicate effectively to diverse audiences, robust facts and observations must merge with aesthetics and emotion. For these reasons, we offer a platform for scientists, artists and communicators to explore new ways of expressing the changing environment and connect with a global audience.


We collaborate with an ever-evolving group of Ice Alive affiliates to communicate various aspects of the frozen planet. Some examples of previous collaborative projects with our affiliates are film making, audio-visual projects, poetry collections, sci-comm events and science blogs. We are always interested to hear about new ideas for generating or disseminating knowledge about the cryosphere.


We understand that many great ideas fall between the cracks of traditional funding. That’s why we have started an extremely flexible funding stream specifically for early career scientists, artists and communicators working in the general realm of ‘Ice Alive’, with minimal barriers and bureacracy. We aim to generate sufficient income through sponsorship for this fund to grow and support emerging cryo-folk for years to come.


The Ice Alive team are professional Arctic scientists and documentary film makers. Collectively, we are actively engaged in conducting field, lab and analytical work to generate new knowledge, datasets and software relating to cryospheric science as well as communicating to broad audiences through various media. This means scientific rigour is a top priority in selecting content to promote through Ice Alive.

Get involved

We welcome ideas for collaborations at all levels, from corporate sponsorship to blog posts and everything in between. Please use the contact form on this website to get in touch.