Our 2018 grants have now been awarded. Congratulations to our 2018 Grantees: Pixel Movers and Makers, Kat Austen and Fabian Wadsworth. Please see our blog post for more details. We are actively seeking sponsors and/or donors to help keep the grant scheme alive in 2019 and beyond.


Our launchpad grants are designed to support early career individuals or groups working on any topic in the cryosphere related to the broad theme of “Ice Alive”. Our focus is on communication, the more innovative the better. We are looking for artists, scientists, writers, performers, animators, educators, musicians… anyone who has novel ideas for communicating polar science and could
benefit from our support.
In this inaugural year the total grant fund is relatively modest (£2000) and we intend to fund 2-4 individuals. Alongside the financial support, Ice Alive will promote the grantee using our media network, website and social media platforms, allow the grantee use of the Ice Alive branding and offer science communication advice from the Ice Alive team and affiliates. We want our grant to be a springboard for inventive, passionate people devoted to having a positive impact on the planet through science, art, and above all communication. We are not interested in supplementing existing grants or groups. We will not fund established academics who could be funded elsewhere. We won’t fund publication fees or any university overheads.

- We WILL fund ambitious projects where we can see a spark of brilliance.

- We WILL fund innovative proof-of-concept projects.

- We WILL fund projects that communicate cryosphere science in new and exciting ways.

- We WILL fund people who would benefit from exposure and promotion via our media platforms.

- We WILL take your idea seriously.

The applicants do not necessarily have to be affiliated to a university or research instituion. There are no restrictions to applications except that the applicant self-identifies as early-career and the proposed work is morally, ethically and - where applicable - scientifically sound. The applicant must be able to hold the funds in their personal accounts (we will not transfer money to universities or business accounts). Ideally projects will be completed within about 6 months of the grant being

How to Apply

We want this to be straightforward for you and us! Just provide us with a project budget (please give us a total expenditure and an idea of what it will be spent on – we don’t need a full cost breakdown, just a couple of sentences) and straight-forward answers to the following three questions.

1. Who are you?
2. What is your idea and why should we fund it?
3. Why is Ice Alive right for you?

Try to show your passion for science communication, explain why your idea is innovative and why it will have a positive impact. Please keep it concise - about one page of text (>10pt font, images, figures etc can be additional) including the budgetary information. You are free to be creative with your application if you like – if you prefer to send us (for example) a video or audio clip that’s fine – just make sure you address the questions above. When requesting funds remember that we plan to fund between 2-4 people from our finite fund, so if you ask for £1500-2000 you are very unlikely to be successful!

Email your application to icealivemail@gmail.com by 31 st July 2018. We aim to inform the successful applicants by email in the first week of August 2018, then announce publically on our shiny new website icealive.org, which will launch very soon! To help us keep track of the applications, please start the email title with APPLICATION and your name.


The Ice Alive grant is designed to be as flexible and bureacracy-free as possible and we recognise that the deliverables will be unique to each applicant. We have a few broad recommendations – we expect that the entirety of the grant is spent in support of the applicant’s proposed scheme of work. We trust that our grantees will use the grant to enable innovative work aligned to the Ice Alive ethos. The grant cannot be used to supplement salaries or to outsource work to third parties. We aim to fund applicants who will collaborate with the Ice Alive team to generate excellent science communication that can be disseminated through the Ice Alive channels. We also hope to select candidates that will enthusiastically engage with our outreach and be amenable to occasional
requests for (e.g.) interviews, tweets, diary entries etc.

Terms and Conditions

We do not fund our own research, although we may well collaborate with our grantees! We reserve the right to refuse to fund any application and also the right to recall permissions to the Ice Alive branding should the grantee disengage or their actions fail to meet our ethical standards. Access to the Ice Alive branding and resources will expire on the stated project end-date unless otherwise approved by the Ice Alive team. The grantees are affiliated to Ice Alive but the awarding of a grant does not confer any liability or responsibility onto Ice Alive related to the individual or the project. The grantee is responsible for obtaining any relevant permits, permissions and insurances, Ice Alive takes no responsibility for project logistics, administration or reporting. The grantee is responsible for their own safety and public liability and assume responsibility for any products they create using the Ice
Alive resources.